Jason Momoa was showing his son Nokoa-Wolf how to throw an axe whilst not looking at the last second of the throw. It was hilarious because his son was filming it and laughing throughout the event.

With a number of tomahawk axes in his hand Mamoa goes on to try to explain and demonstrate how it’s done to his son. The first throw misses the target completely, and the laughter starts. In reality Momoa is a very practiced axe thrower and quite confident in his ability as seen with the rest of the axes thrown all sticking to the wooden block used as a target.

The 40 year old actor married to Lisa Bonet with whom he shares his son Nokoa-Wolf, has numerous videos on several shows showing his axe throwing skills.

In this latest video he is trying to illustrate to his son that it can be done instinctively without even having to look properly & still get it right. The technique involves looking at the target and turning away at the very last second of the throw. Quite an impressive showing all things taken into account.

“You kinda want to glance and turn away. It’s not really important,” Momoa said to his son. He added: “Just make sure no one’s walking in the way, you know what I’m saying?”

His two children Nola and Nokoa-Wolf are both home schooled by Momoa and his wife. He also does a lot for charity having designed face masks made in the USA recently with all the proceeds going to the First Responders Children’s Foundation as well as 1Climb.


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