J.J. Abrams to Produce The Shining Prequel and Justice League Dark

Photo via Luis Villasmi on Unsplash

It is no secret that J.J. Abrams has always been a fan of Stephen King: his work inspired many of his projects, such as Lost and Fringe TV series. This time Abrams will adapt the material directly from its source, creating a TV prequel to The Shining, one of King’s most legendary stories.

The show, Overlook, will air on HBO Max. It will tell a 10-episode backstory of the infamous ghost-infested hotel, reports THR. The story will be penned by Dustin Thomason and Scott Brown, who already wrote Castle Rock, a well-received Hulu show born from Stephen King’s multiverse.

There is another upcoming project with a legendary touch that J.J. Abrams works on. He is set to be an executive producer for a TV adaptation of the Justice Leak Dark: the DC Comics universe which focuses on morally grey superhuman characters.

More details are coming soon.


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