Iran Slams Germany’s Ban of ‘Terrorist’ Hezbollah


Iran has officially condemned Germany’s ban on Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

The ban took effect on April 30th, when the German authorities raided mosques in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bremen, and Berlin, believing that they are connected to Hezbollah. The organization and its symbols were officially outlawed by the German parliament for “violating criminal law and opposing the concept of international understanding”, as well as for “promoting armed struggle with terrorist means.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Musavi responded with a statement, criticizing the decision, reports Al Jazeera:

“It appears that certain countries in Europe are adopting their stances without considering the realities in the West Asia region and by paying regard only to the objectives of the propaganda machine of the Zionist regime and the confused US regime.’

Musavi’s statement refers to Israel and the U.S. who also have Hezbollah banned.

He stressed that Hezbollah, the Lebanese organization, contributes to “political stability” and has the full support of the Iranian government. 

The European Union lists the military wing of Hezbollah as a terrorist entity, but not its political wing. 


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