In Europe Corona Virus Is Subsiding But Globally Cases Have Exceeded 10 Million


The World Health Organisation has announced that the pandemic globally is worsening as the number of infected surpasses 10 million individuals. That is significant and a warning that this particular virus is not yet under control.

As the race continues to find a vaccine numerous Companies have had some success in initial clinical trials, however it is still too early to say that a vaccine will be ready soon. Many have promised 3rd quarter results of initial vaccines targeted for the USA, but whether they will be effective or have diverse side effects is yet to be seen.

Some States in the US are now heading back to the numbers they witnessed two months ago, and there is daily conflicting information as to the best way to tackle this. Just as everyone was hoping that the virus had reached its peak and was abating it appears a second wave is well underway. This has now created more questions than answers as to what is going to happen next.

Over 4.7 Million people have recovered from the virus after contracting it, but sadly a large number over 480,000 deaths globally have been attributed to the pandemic. The race to find a vaccine has never been more important with over 8 billion people on earth needing such a vaccine. Producing billions of vaccines when they finally find one that works safely is in itself going to be a huge challenge. Producing a billion units of a vaccine is no easy matter, and even if the successful companies that discover a vaccine produce day and night non-stop it may still not be enough to meet the needs of the people contracting the virus.

Today June 25th Texas has halted its phased reopening plan as the number contracting the virus is surging out of control and overwhelming the hospitals. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott announced this measure so that they try to get the virus under control in the State again.

In Europe the virus seems to be well under control with the various Countries opening up fully as they seek to rescue their economic downturn as a result of the lockdown, Experts are worried about a second wave and the relaxation of isolation being too quick, whilst the virus is still not under full control. The coming period will show whether a second full wave is underway.


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