“I’m Committing A Crime”: Bolsonaro To Hold BBQ For 30 While COVID-19 Rises In Brazil


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro continues to perplex people in the country with his outlook on the pandemic. Now he is planning to have a barbeque party on May 9th, on the eve of Mother’s Day — but it won’t be a modest family gathering.

“I’m going to have a barbecue on Saturday at home. There must be about 30 guests. There will be no drinks. There will be a kitty,” said Bolsonaro during his latest press conference at the Alvorada Palace.

He also “jokingly” added that the guests will be charged R$70 ($13) and said that he was “committing a crime.”

Then, Bolsonaro announced plans to visit his elderly mother in another region in two weeks. Olinda Bolsonaro, who is 93, lives in Eldorado, in the Vale do Riberia.

This is not the first time Jair Bolsonaro downplays the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic or shrugs off WHO’s recommendations. He almost never covers his face with a mask in public or wears it inaccurately, and believes that the “worst has passed” in terms of the outbreak.

Meanwhile, Brazil has 136,000 COVID-19 cases and approximately 9,265 deaths. Bolsonaro’s own spokesperson, Gen. Otavio Santana do Rego Barros, has recently caught the virus.


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