If You Want To See Vladimir Putin You Need To Go Through A Disinfection Tunnel First (Video)


With over 500,000 infected and more than 7000 deaths, President Putin is not taking any chances. He has just ordered the installation of a special tunnel built by a Russian company based in Penza a town in western Russia. The tunnel is located in his Novo-Ogaryovo home on the outskirts of Moscow.

To visit the President one must first enter the tunnel wearing an appropriate face mask, the tunnel serves similar to a cattle dosing station, where a disinfectant spray hits the would be visitor from the ceiling & the sides.

RIA has published a short video showing how it all works, but it doesn’t take a scientist to work out that rather than just splashing some disinfectant & walking in to see the President here his visitors are getting a full up to down spraying thereby ensuring any potential virus to be neutralised.

Previously anyone wanting to see the President had to be tested for the virus first prior to coming in contact with him. Despite these measures Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov himself contracted Corona virus.


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