Huawei Loses Out To Nokia And Ericsson In Singapore


Singapore has announced that its preferred suppliers for upgrading and building its new 5G infrastructure is Nokia and Ericsson.

They will be exploring other areas of the 5G network to include Huawei. Clearly the issue of potential strength by Huawei on the world today as well as fears of spying and non privacy adherence rules with communications has created an issue for the Chinese giant and its reputation for being at the forefront of the 5G technological thrust.

America and especially Donald Trump has made a point of ensuring that Huawei does not get any contracts within the US. It seems that other Countries are also taking heed of this position and looking only to offer the Company a role in their 5G roll outs but give the main work to competitors like Nokia and Ericsson.

Singapore state licences for 5G network are now being issued and one of the first recipients of the license is M1 and Starhub who have a joint venture in place. They have awarded Nokia the contract to install the radio access network.  Nokia is a Finnish company and they will be responsible for supplying the core and mm Wave networks.

Separately the other company to receive a license Singtel has awarded their contract to Ericsson. 5G is a revolutionary model that looks to link up faster communications as well as connections between machines,cargo, transportation, and agricultural equipment. It is seen to revolutionise the way things are currently done today.


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