Former Lakers Guard Shannon Brown Tried To Shoot Potential Buyers Of His House


Shannon Brown, a 34-year-old former Los Angeles Lakers guard, was arrested last week for firing a rifle at two individuals, the Atlanta Police revealed on May 8th. The incident happened in his house on May 2nd when the couple was looking at houses to buy in his neighborhood.

They saw a “For Sale” sign on the lawn of Brown’s residence, noticed that the gates and the front door were open, and claim they heard someone telling them to come in from inside the house. Allegedly, none of them knew who the owner was. 

According to Lt. Philip Nelson’s statement to AJC, Brown emerged from the house with a weapon and fired multiple rounds at the couple who ran away. No one was injured.

For some reason, the couple reported the incident to the police almost 4 hours later. After an empty shell casing was found at the scene, Brown was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault and placed in the Fayette County Jail. He was later released on bond. The two-time NBA champion claimed that he thought the couple was breaking in.


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