Facebook Continues To Disrupt QAnon Craze


Facebook has removed a portion of pages linked to QAnon, an eyebrow-raising conspiracy theory touted by the U.S. far-right movement. 

The company announced this on May 5th during the monthly briefing, stating that it removed accounts and groups that were exhibiting “coordinated inauthentic behavior,” reports The Associated Press. QAnon movement, which is believed to have been born in 2016 on the 4Chan site, is based on a series of baseless belifes. 

The QAnon supporters believe that the world is run by a conglomerate of cannibalistic pedophile Satanists, led by the so-called “Deep State” where Hillary Clinton, other Democrats and Liberals rule. “Q” is presumed to be an anonymous government official who exposes “Deep State” on the Internet. He also claims that the U.S. President Donald Trump is working on exposing and destroying “Deep State”.

It is not the first time Facebook has had to track down the QAnon-linked pages, and it probably will not be the last. Just last week a visibly unstable woman named Jessica Prim live-streamed her arrest in New York City from her Facebook account. Prim claimed that she “was the Coronavirus” and that President Trump was talking to her through the TV screen. Her Facebook page was covered in QAnon conspiracies.

Trump himself openly endorsed this conspiracy by retweeting at least 145 unverified Twitter accounts with #QAnon hashtags. In May 2019 an internal memo from the FBI surfaced online, where conspiracy theories, including the QAnon ones, were declared a domestic terrorism threat.


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