Escobar Is A Powerful Name And 2 Chainz Is Using It To The Full


When you are looking for a unique name to stand out from the crowd, there are none as iconic as Pablo Escobar, the most famous drug lord that ever was. The Escobar name conjures up a number of thoughts and feelings in different people from murder and ruthless drug cartel boss to a robin hood type figure who achieved so much for his community, schools, hospitals, and countless deeds of assistance to his own.

So when 2 Chainz the famous rapper decided to open two restaurants in Atlanta GA and call them Escobar Restaurant and Tapas the relatives of Pablo Escobar via Escobar Inc decided to take the rapper to court and are demanding compensation of $10 million for the illegal use of the Escobar name without the authorisation of Escobar’s family.

Not only did 2 Chainz use the Escobar name for his restaurants but also for merchandise. In these days where trademarks brand names are heavily protected it is not unusual to find people trying to use controversy to attract attention.

It is unlikely the rapper 2 Chainz will be allowed to use the name Escobar if it is already a registered trademark by the Escobar family. If this is not the case then he would be free to do what he liked with the name. It will be interesting to see the results of this case as it unfolds.  


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