€25,000 In Cash: Fake Cops Who Barely Spoke French Scammed People In Paris


A group of four conmen pretending to be police officers have robbed people during the lockdown in Paris, France.

According to BBC, the scammers, wearing fake police officers uniforms, would approach people with facemasks on the street and demand to see their official permit to go outside. It should be noted that such permits do indeed exist: the Parisian authorities issued them to residents who need to visit stores, go to work, or respond to an urgent family matter.

After the victims presented their permits, the fake cops “searched” their bags and left with all the money and things of value they could grab. They robbed as many as seven people, stealing around €25,000 ($27,000) from them.

Police Commissioner Nathan Bauer told the France Info radio station that the perpetrators — three men and a woman, all Iranian nationals, — have been taken into custody in the city of Meaux, east Paris. He added that none of them could “speak very good French”, so they picked foreigners as their victims. 


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