Donald Trump Refuses to Wear A Mask Whilst Americans Are Forced To Wear Masks (VIDEO)


A number of days ago Republican Darren Bailey was removed from a house session after being voted out 81-27 in Illinois by the other members of the house for his refusal  to wear a mask during deliberations. There is an order in place by the Governor where a mask is required to be worn in public places where a six-foot distance isn’t possible.

A motion was raised to remove the lawmaker and having been voted out the doormen were ordered to escort him out of the building. Bailey has been at odds with the Governor over his handling of the Corona Virus response in the State and was quick to announce outside to reporters that he believed he was standing up for the people in the State who have had enough of all this in his opinion.

The President won’t wear a mask so it is clear that it is not illegal to wear a mask. Up and down the Country on beaches and in public gatherings people are not wearing masks, and when being asked why not, the responses have ranged from “we all have to go sometime” to “there is a lot of wind blowing outdoors & so it shouldn’t be a problem”, one person on a beach in Texas said “hell if the President doesn’t have to wear one I don’t have to wear one sir”.

Supermarkets like Costco are asking shoppers who are not wearing masks to leave their stores, restaurants are being fined for waiters and staff not wearing masks, various establishments enforce hand sanitisation and the wearing of a mask before entry. Wearing a mask is deemed compulsory by these establishments trying to safeguard their customers.

The reason for wearing masks is to prevent the spread of the Virus which is lethal. As deaths approach 100,000 in the US, a large number of Americans simply don’t care. They believe the rate of deaths are low, the chance of a second wave is possible but not critical, and that they have had enough of Covid-19, wearing masks, and isolating at home.

All the health experts warn that masks should be worn. This is sound advice from different Countries who went through the SARS epidemic and handled it effectively where the wearing of masks was found to reduce the spread of the virus and reduce the number of deaths per capita.

Flouting the wearing of a mask is not just foolish, but it is also selfish. Where individuals may not give a hoot about their health, surely they cannot expect to disregard the rights of their fellow citizens who are respecting each other via doing whatever is necessary to avoid the spread of the virus to others. The issue revolves around human decency and respect for others. Something held in high regard in certain societies.


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