DOJ Sees Google First In Line On An Antitrust Lawsuit


Never has the antitrust laws been tested since the laws were used on Microsoft. In fact it is stated that it was that case that allowed the new kid on the block . In the same vein the DOJ is being urged to take serious action. To ensure that the next behemoth comes through without being stifled at birth. The action is being supported by 11 states so far and there is no doubt that this will see more join in. In reply the defence is that people are using the giant because they want to use its services not by being forced to. Also that their payments to others are not blocking competition merely what other companies do. As when a company pays the supermarket to show its products in the most advantageous position.

Another issue is that the president of the US. Is very dissatisfied with what he feels is monopoly power from the big three companies in this space..

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