Seems the folks in Disneyland China have decided to reopen their doors. But as this video shows numbers were very sparse. It’s not business as usual, but a very slow return to test the demand for possibly one of the largest franchises in the world as Covid-19 eases.

Clearly parents would want to see a vaccine in place before rushing to large gathering locations like Disneyland. It seemed eerie with the Disney characters singing and dancing whilst everyone had masks on, with all pretending everything was back to normal and ok.

But whilst Disney China is now open closer to home the one in Florida is still shut under lockdown. So much as the kids want to go, its unavailable as they work through reopening and the social distancing measures required for large groups of people in a given location.

The theme parks on a given day see over 57,000 guests, that’s a big number to control for safety given the present situation and no vaccine yet. There is also the logistics of providing food and drinks in the numerous cafe’s and restaurants on site. The supply chains are not fully operational yet.

There is the feeling that it is just not quite right at the moment for this type of entertainment. That said Disney Shanghai has sold its set number of daily attendance tickets that they have limited for the time being.


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