Disney Risks It All After Losing $1.4 Billion, Opens Shanghai Park Next Week


The COVID-19 lockdown has already cost Walt Disney Co. around $1.4 billion loss in profits. Now the company’s CEO Bob Chapek promises to open the Disneyland park in Shanghai, China, on May 11th.

The announcement was made during Chapek’s recent conference call with financial analysts, where he claimed that the company is “seeing encouraging signs of a gradual return to some sense of normalcy in China,” reports The Guardian.

However, Shanghai Disneyland will not be back in full force right away. The park will practice standard pandemic measures such as social distancing and masks for visitors and staff, along with temperature checks and contact tracing. 

The park’s capacity will be limited to 30%. Guests will only be able to get tickets for selected dates, and annual pass holders will have to make advanced reservations. Hand sanitizers will be available at each entrance and exit. 

As for the “earlier detection” system, the guests will have to use the Shanghai Health QR code, a contact tracing system issued by the government of China.


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