Deadly Humanitarian Plane Crash: Kenya Demands Investigation


Kenya believes that the tragic crash of a humanitarian cargo plane on May 4th in Somalia was suspicious.

On May 5th The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kenya called for an investigation of the accident. The Kenyan-registered private plane with six people and medical supplies on board crashed near the Bardale town, after leaving Somalia’s capital Mogadishu. There were no survivors.

The Kenyan officials asked the Somalis to investigate the circumstances of the crash as soon as possible, and warned other humanitarian aircraft to be cautious while flying over that area “in light of the unclear circumstances surrounding the incident.”

Meanwhile, Ahmed Isaq, a Somali national, and a member of the Southwestern State regional administration is publically claiming that the Kenyan plane was shot down.

“The aircraft was about to land at the Bardale airstrip when it crashed and burst into flames,” Isaq told to the AFP News agency.

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