Crew Successfully Docks With Space Station And Safely On Board


It has finally happened again the US has achieved sending people into space under their own steam and their own technology. Consequently, the craft safely and successfully docked with the station and the crew are on board. It has been a long hiatus to this point. Currently, the station again has almost the number of people it requires for a full crew complement. This has opened up the path for the experiments to resume in full flow. The augmented crew are to remain there for half a year. In a series of procedures to ensure the docking was completely sealed the new crew walked into the station. This in itself is no mean feat technologically. As the craft and station had to achieve the same speed as the orbited earth.

Now that this has been achieved they will be replaced when they have done their time on the station. Another crew will replace them when the time comes and that is already being planned.

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