Covid-19 Horrors: Ecuador Bodies Litter The Streets (VIDEO)


The Ecuadorian authorities have been overwhelmed by the number of dead people stretching their limited infrastructure to the limit. 

The quantum of dead having to be buried or cremated are simply beyond what the authorities can handle resulting in very stressful scenes across the Country. 

To stop the stench of the dead bodies, the coffins are wrapped in cling film to suppress the odour as best as possible. Though the authorities report 200 dead the number of body bags outside morgues is visibly overflowing. 

Despite the national response being serious and scientifically driven the lack of resources has been the main challenge in tackling the spread of the virus in the Country. The first reported case was a woman who arrived from Spain one of the Coronavirus hot spots in the world. 

Matters where not helped when 3 weeks after the Government was aware of the gravity of the situation before them, the Governor of Guayas gave the go ahead for a much anticipated soccer match which brought thousands of people together within very close proximity to each other. At that time Ecuador had seven diagnosed cases. 

Before long the contagion grew out of control prompting the Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner who has been appointed to lead Ecuador’s response to the pandemic has issued a formal apology. “We have seen the images that should never happen,” he said in a national televised address, “and as your public servant, I apologize.” 


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