Counting Continues And Position Changes Occurring


It was a tumultuous night of vote counting or lack of it should be said. That is because for some reason some voting centres stopped counting. Which has never happened before. The incumbent president caused an upset when he took a major state. Which the nominee presidential required in his armoury to win. The percentages swung by a very high margin towards the sitting president only to be overturned by today. This got him to go on Twitter and cry foul. He claimed there were mail ballot dumps everywhere he was leading. All of them for the nominee presidential candidate and that was a mathematical impossibility. He also claimed that there were more votes in some states than the population of that state which clearly shows fraudulent activity.

Now it is what everyone dreaded it is a hung vote and the lawyers are going to have a field day. It is probably going to make a decision from the supreme court to sort this out.

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