Coronavirus Hits the British Parliament; Government Lock Down Looms (VIDEO)

Government lock down looms as coronavirus hits UK Parliament. Photo source: Parliament.UK

Health Minister diagnosed with coronavirus right after meeting with Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Fears that the virus has spread within the British Parliament has sent citizens in panic.

Nadine Dorries, UK Health Minister confirmed Tuesday, 10 March 2020 that she caught the coronavirus and is now under home isolation following her doctors’ advice and medication. Minister Dorries started showing symptoms of the coronavirus right after her meeting with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. This has triggered rumors that the highest-ranking official of the British government might die from the virus. Minister Dorries’ 84-year old mother is also showing signs of the virus and is under strict observation.

According to Nadine Dorrie’s Twitter:

UK Health Minister Nadine Dorries’ latest tweet.

Health officials are currently tracking every person Dorries has come in contact within the last week to trace the people who might be at risk. No further information regarding the Prime Minister’s health risk from his exposure to Dorries has been released.

British officials have not released any statement if the Prime Minister is showing signs or symptoms of the virus but are expected to release a statement soon. Parliament officials have ruled out plans to close down the Parliament.

The UK now has a total of six deaths and 382 confirmed coronavirus cases.


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