There are two things you could always rely on to be true, that’s Death and Taxes. During this Corona pandemic its Masks and Alcohol. Sales are booming for both in the USA and do not look to be slowing.

After so many weeks of isolating in fear of catching and spreading the virus people have been drinking heavily at home as witnessed by alcohol sales of over $7 billion dollars a month. Thats what one could call serious drinking.

People are looking for ways to have some fun and the reopening of bars and restaurants might just be the answer. The weather is improving and people are tired of staying indoors. So many are throwing caution to the wind, as there is a lethal pandemic in full swing, and heading outdoors.

Many States are relaxing their rules on drinking as they are eager for the businesses to get back on track and start paying their taxes. Federal funding is one thing but you can almost bet that the Police officer understands that the drink in your hand as you are strolling along is partially paying for his wages. This is by no means something to be encouraged but the times are definitely changing and the rules also change with the times.

After enacting shelter-in-place ordinances and advising the closure of non-essential businesses, a number of States started to rescinded laws restricting restaurants from selling alcohol to-go.

Last week Nielsen reported the US saw the largest increase in alcohol sales since the pandemic shutdowns started in March.

It’s a trend that is common in times of disaster, says Dr George Koob, the Director of the National Abuse of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).

“We know historically that during 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina there was an upswing in alcohol consumption,” he told the BBC.


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