Corona Virus Restrictions Ease As EU Opens Its Borders


Today most EU Countries including, Switzerland, Germany, France Belgium, Croatia as well as many others. As Corona restrictions ease, there is a sense of return to normalcy as people have been given the green light to eat out in restaurants, mingle without the strict enforcement of masks, visit relatives in care homes amongst a host of permitted activities to encourage a return to some normalcy for these economically hard hit Countries.

Not even the fear of a potential second wave could dampen the urge by all to get back to their livelihoods, way of life, and to begin normal interaction rather than being isolated at home. Many experts are a little cautious as there appear to be signs of a second wave of Corona Virus approaching and are worried that people are lulled into a false sense of security and end up causing increased infections and a return to isolation to prevent the spread of the virus.

A second wave that is similar in strength to the first wave would create serious economic woes for the world at large, as many industries, sectors and businesses get ready for the long haul back to rebuilding their enterprises. Many unfortunately have already called it a day and declared bankruptcy. Those that could not get effective Government relief or funding in their respective Countries have found it better to close up. Many large household brands and names have not been spared.

Just as the summer season starts, there are still few travellers and tourists taking up exceptional offers aimed at kick-starting the travel industry. Many preferring to stay closer to home after such a scare, and with insufficient information going around of a potential second wave, it appears far easier to stay put than to venture out unnecessarily.


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