Cats the Movie’s Viral Analysis Becomes More Liked Than the Movie Itself


This world will not soon forget “Cats”, the Tom Hooper’s adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical. The CGI humanization of felines that opened a brand new portal into Uncanny Valley got a disastrous reception, bombed in the box office and spawned some incredible memes. And a popular YouTube blogger just added some more fuel to the fire to celebrate the movie’s digital release.

“Why is Cats?”, a video essay created by Lindsay Ellis and posted to her YouTube channel on April 4th took over the Internet right away.

“Just what I needed to fight the self-isolation blues and feel a new type of existential dread that has nothing to do with Corona for a change”, commented one of the viewers. Almost 600 thousand people who already watched Lindsay’s video seem to agree.

In her viral video essay, Lindsay Ellis does not just slam the quality of the high-budget, star-packed movie, but dissects the phenomena of “Cats” as a Broadway sensation. She uses the most hilarious, yet absolutely real accounts from anyone who has ever been involved in Lloyd Webber’s strangest creation. And the response to her work seems to be more pleasant than any reaction that “Cats” has ever received.


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