Just when you thought you had heard and seen everything, groups of Los Angeles County inmates have proved the adage that desperate people do desperate things.The video shows inmates passing around a mask believed to be from an infected prisoner and breathing through it with the hope of catching the virus. They also each drank from the same bottle being passed around hoping to get infected.

Whilst people all around the world are desperately trying to avoid contracting the lethal virus as life is precious. Clearly the inmates in this prison in California don’t view the virus in the same way. They mistakenly believe that risking their lives will result in them being given a pass to go home as a precaution to avoid the spread of infection in the prison.

Prisons can be so depressing and stressful that they make inmates make even worse decisions inside than the poor ones they made to get in. Life has little or no value when an inmate is prepared to contract a lethal disease for the sake of being let out and enjoying some freedom.

Most responsible people would not wish to contract the virus in fear of spreading it to their loved ones. These inmates want out and don’t seem to be too bothered about spreading it in prison or outside to anyone. A me first mentality is seen as a way of keeping it all together whilst in prison as a defence mechanism.

They do not seem to understand that they could lose their lives from contracting the Corona virus. Perhaps they would rather be dead than be in jail.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva called the behaviour disturbing. “As a direct result of the behaviour seen in the video, 21 men tested positive for COVID-19 within a week”

“Somehow there was some mistaken belief among the inmate population that if they tested positive that there was a way to force our hand and somehow release more inmates out of our jail environment — and that’s not going to happen,” Villanueva said.


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