Black Lives Matter Peaceful Protests Or Mobs Running Amok Globally


Whether its marches on the M1 in the UK, huge gatherings in Rome, there are calls for change gathering momentum around the world. George Floyd protests are being held in Countries that traditionally do not normally involve themselves in these matters.

Lebanon is conducting marches for Black Lives Matter as well as the inhumane treatment of George Floyd. Mobs gather, their aim is to be peaceful demanding change, then a catalyst occurs and suddenly there is a mob, the mood changes, violence and destruction follows. If you happen to be a small business owner your shop can get razed to the ground looted or both. Some have just simply parked their car where they usually do but for whatever reason as decided by a mob that car could get smashed and burnt in protest.

It can be very confusing for most people to understand what is going on. Thirteen days of riots in the USA, marches around the world, violence from and to the Police, damage to private and public property all in the name of the desire for change. So passionate and infuriated are the people demanding change that innocent bystanders, non participants, stationary statues or anything that is deemed necessary to destroy is being done in the name of this change. Its not as though there is room for exchange and debate.

These are large mobs, some with professional trouble makers in tow. You wish they do not come to your neighbourhood, as their presence will undoubtedly result in carnage. This despite the many words of peaceful slogans and shouts of being peaceful, being mindful of other people’s property and rights, loudly expressed through loud speakers by many activists, and with plenty of good intention for peaceful protests. But the result is usually the same the peaceful protest turns into an opportunity to loot, settle any outstanding scores, cause a few fires, and damage other people’s property as change is needed immediately.

In Countries like the USA where arms are legal, there are people getting shot at in retaliation. Police are getting hurt and injured as are protesters. Leading many to question the essence of these marches which can include mobs, who will destroy property. The injustice is clear every human life matters. Yes there is a need for reform and change. No there is no justification for taking innocent human life and damaging property globally in the name of making a point to the authorities to effect drastic change.


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