Australia Enforces Social Distancing Following the COVID-19 Death Toll (Video)


National Covid-19 lockdown declared by the Government of Australia on March 22 has started. All non-essential state businesses are closed, gatherings prohibited. This includes pubs, restaurants, cafes, clubs, huge malls, gym venues, places of worship, cinemas, and wedding ceremonies all over New South Wales and Victoria.

Bottle shops, drugstores, takeaway food and home delivery businesses will be available as usual. Schools remain open as well, but parents can choose to keep their children at home, switching to online classes.

After coming up with those drastic measures with the Chief medical officer Brendan Murphy, Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed the public from the Blue Room at Parliament’s House.

According to the Prime Minister, the restrictions were caused by the public’s failure to engage in physical distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic. It resulted in 7 deaths and 1,3 thousand active cases.

Scott Morrison reached out to the Australian citizens, claiming that their disregard for the health advice has made the government’s work extremely difficult.

He encouraged social distancing but classified the current restrictions as stage one only. Shopping centers, he added, will remain open, and therefore there is no need for people to panic and hoard.


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