The Amazon is in trouble again. Similar story to what has been heard many times before. This time it’s the oil companies looking to wreak havoc on the ecosystem by drilling and polluting the waters whilst the world sits back and leaves the indigenous people to their own devices in solving the problems.

Scientists fear that the ecosystem has been cleared so much to grow soy and other export crops that it could completely change from being a net absorber of carbon dioxide to being a large emitter of the greenhouse gas.

Indigenous leaders are warning that there is an encroachment on their homelands that would destroy a bulwark against climate change. They need help to stop oil companies drilling in the headwaters of the Amazon.

Home to so many species including jaguars, pink river dolphins, anacondas, howler monkeys and thousands of other species, the region, in many areas barely touched by the modern world, is seen as integral to the wider health of the Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest.

“We have taken care of the rainforest all our lives and now we invite everyone to share in our vision,” Domingo Peas, a leader from Ecuador’s Achuar nation, told Reuters Television. “We need to find a new route, post-oil, for economic development, for the well-being of all humanity, not just indigenous people.”

The Achuar are among 20 indigenous nationalities representing almost 500,000 people living in a swathe of rainforest straddling the Peru-Ecuador border, often referred to as the Amazon Sacred Headwaters.

Just as the loggers stopped at nothing and left the local people to try to protect the rainforest, so too will the oil companies. It is indeed a travesty that man is the most dangerous animal on the planet and is unable to understand the consequences of continual damage to the point it comes back to slap him in the way of a pandemic or similar for there to be any attention to what is happening.

Over 280,000 square miles are considered oil and gas blocks that are going to be pillaged. This is equivalent to an area larger than Texas.

Currently 7% of this area is being extracted with the aim of 40% more whilst the world is occupied with Corona Virus concerns. A perfect opportunity to start drilling larger areas without any care to the rainforest.

It seems man will never learn as and until everything is destroyed for greed and profit.


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