All 13 Remaining Hostages Freed From Bus In Lutsk, Ukraine; Captor Arrested

Photo via 112 Ukraine on YouTube.

Ukrainian police forces in the city of Lutsk have succeeded in freeing all 13 people who had been held hostage inside a bus. Three other hostages had been previously let go by the captor who is now in custody.

The hostages spent 10 hours inside the bus parked on the city’s main square. The captor, who first identified himself as “Maksim Plokhoy (Russian for ‘Bad’)” at one point tried to detonate a hand grenade from the vehicle and shoot a gun at one of the negotiators. Thankfully, none of the hostages were injured.

“Plokhoy” has been described as an evidently mentally disturbed middle-aged man who took pride in being a “system” fighter. After hijacking the bus he made a bizarre condition, demanding Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to promote the movie Earthlings (2005) on his Facebook account. Zelensky complied.

It has now been revealed that “Plokhoy’s” real name is Maxim Krivosh and he’s a 44-year-old ex-convict. The police also arrested his alleged accomplice who had ammunition and explosive on him, reports


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