A 7-year-old Boy From Scotland Calls the Police on His Mother

Stephanie Bell with Alfie. Photo via Stephanie Bell on Facebook

Desperate times call for desperate measures, decided a 7-year-old boy from the village of Fallin, Scotland. So when his mother once again explained that he couldn’t break his social distancing and go play with his pals, he called the authorities.

At that point Alfie Bell was self-isolating for almost 3 months. He was considered a high-risk for the COVID-19 outbreak because of Crohn’s disease and immunosuppression.

The mother, Stephanie Bell said that on Thursday, March 26 she once again forbade Alfie to go out because of the virus situation. Frustrated, he ran upstairs.

“Then I heard this almighty bang at the door”, posted Stephanie on her Facebook account. It was the local police officers claiming that they had received a missed phone call that was traced back to her house.

Apparently, Alfie attempted to call the local emergency number so his mom could “go to jail for not letting him out to play”.

The officers were understanding enough, and so was Stephanie. After making peace with little Alfie, she took a picture of him looking out of the window longingly. The post went viral, and Alfie became a celebrity — people came by to wave at him, and the neighborhood residents sent him great new games to pass the time.


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