A 10-year-old Involved In Stealing Car At Gunpoint


A woman from the American city of St. Louis has been carjacked in broad daylight — by robbers of very tender age.

The victim was attacked in the Soulard neighborhood on April 30th, the St. Louis police revealed. A group of four young people pointed a gun at her and demanded the keys of her 2017 Volkswagen Passat. As soon as they drove away, the woman called the police who started a chase.

The car was eventually recovered after a brief pursuit, reports Fox 2. The suspects tried to run away but were eventually captured. This is when it was discovered that none of them was even 16: the group consisted of a 15-year-old, two 14-year-olds, and, shockingly, a 10-year-old.

All of them were taken into custody and remanded to the Juvenile Court. 


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