5 Tons of Medicine Including Hyroxychloroquine Rushed to Israel from India

Benjamin Netanyahu has thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India for rushing medicine. Photo taken from narendramodi.in

Benjamin Netanyahu has thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India for rushing medicine to Israel which includes the much publicised hydroxychloroquine as a potential cure for Covid-19. However to date there aren’t any completed clinical trials or conclusive evidence by the medical community as to its effectiveness in combating the virus. It is only encouraging that where it has been used on people that have tested positive for the virus there seems to be positive results being witnessed by the patients. 

“ All the Citizens of Israel thank you “ said Netanyahu two days after a plane carrying the medicine arrived in Israel. He also gave his personal  thanks, stating “ Thank you my dear friend Modi ”. 

It is clear that India has received huge praise for their efforts in donating as well as fulfilling orders widely around the world, medicine that can assist in combating the virus. India has long had a strong pharmaceuticals sector where medicine is produced and exported globally in significant quantities. 

US, Brazil and now Israel have received hydroxychloroquine from India as the Country continues to assess its internal needs for the drug as well as its production capacity. 

Other Countries that have requested medicine from India is presently under review with the aim of satisfying those orders as soon as possible. 


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